Generals Retreat:

The semiconductor space was one that was looked at in a strong leadership manner recently. As software names, were fragile, or should I say “new” software names, the semis held their own. The generals in the space in NVDA and AMD were stalwarts. That is no longer the case. Both names are now on the cusp of bear market mode, off in the vicinity of 20% from their most recent 52-week highs. Investors are becoming aware again of the old Sheldon Stone quote “the air goes out of the balloon much faster than it went in.” NVDA started this week soft Monday and is looking at just its second possible 4-week losing streak this year depending on Friday’s CLOSE (you would have to go back to March 2020 to see the last 4-week losing streak before that). Trade has become bearishly erratic for the stock since the 11/4 session which was briefly above the very round 300 number intraday. Below is the chart that is often compared to NVDA, in AMD. I feel this may be a better risk/reward situation. 

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