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7Aug 2020

Industrial Sector Review: 8/10/20

Friday|0 Comments

Industrial Backbone: This week certainly had the feel of all the recent chatter that anticipated moves into more "value" oriented area. The barbell approach may start beginning to pay off. Looking below at the WEEKLY performance of the 11 major S&P sectors, shows a robust move from the industrials advancing nearly 5% (six of its last 7 WEEKLY gains rose by at least 4%). This move has been somewhat quiet, but the XLI is also the best acting group on both a one and three month look back period. On a YTD basis it still clearly lags, as it is just the NINTH best actor among the 11 major S&P groups (keep in mind it has never on a YTD timeframe been the top performer). Some of the areas that contributed to the solid weekly action were the airlines, which via the JETS ETF rose everyday this week jumping 7.8%. The rails put up some strong behavior with best in breed KSU up a combined 20% the last 2 weeks, both in active volume. And Friday afternoon came word that schools in NYC area, where I am from, will be opening this fall. That is a good sign, not just for parents in the tri state area, but for the continuation of the economy reopening, which should be wind at the back of the industrial space.

6Aug 2020

Consumer Sector Review: 8/7/20

Thursday|0 Comments

Size Matters: Concentration versus diversification. As the old adage goes "concentration builds wealth, and then diversification preserves it." Comparing the XRT to the XLY, could be a good example of that philosophy. AMZN makes up nearly one quarter of the XLY, while the top component in the XRT comprises just 1.8% of the fund. That would be the stock of Overstock, which has been on a monumental run as today was rejected near the very round par number, after trading near 2.50 in late March, not a typo. ETSY is the second largest holding in the XRT and that too has enjoyed a stellar run up almost 200% YTD thus far. As one can see from the chart below the XRT has been outshining the XLY, and we mentioned yesterday how many companies are adapting well in the Amazon era. Other names in the XRT top 10 holdings include GPS, which may have beefed up its online capability, but I just focus on PRICE action. Hard to believe but its chart has a bullish tint to it, as it records its seventh straight CLOSE above its 200 day SMA. There are better fish to fry in the space in my opinion, but it is good to see a healthy amount of names acting well.

5Aug 2020

Consumer Sector Review: 8/6/20

Wednesday|0 Comments

Risk "Indifferent": Discretionary via the XLY is firmly the second best of the major 11 S&P sectors YTD up 12%. Most likely is not going to catch technology which is the strongest actor as it maintains a '73 Belmont Secretariat like pace over the field up 25%. The staples are behaving well higher by almost 2% in the middle of the pack. Over the last 2 months however they are keeping stride with their discretionary cousins. The death knell of consumer stocks in the Amazon era, has been greatly exaggerated, as there are a multitude of names higher by more than 50% YTD, including BIG CWH PTON WING FLWS BJ TSCO and PZZA to name a few. Some staple standouts include CLX and BYND, with the latter looking like it was breaking ABOVE a bearish head and shoulders formation until earnings today. The absolute beast in the space in SAM which has more than doubled this year, and nearly broke above a bull flag formation, until recording a bearish shooting star at all time highs.