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24Jul 2021

Technology Sector Review: 7/26/21

Saturday|0 Comments

CLOSE > Open: There are two words we always capitalize in our daily writings. They are PRICE and CLOSE. PRICE is how we are paid and judged upon, and the CLOSE is much more important than the open. Remember the phrase, "amateurs open the market and pros CLOSE it." This week the Nasdaq did that every session rising 2.8% to an all-time CLOSING high Friday. Even more positive is the fact that 7 of the last 9 weeks that the Nasdaq rose, the WEEKLY chart CLOSED at highs for the range all 7 times. It may be easy to say the easy money has been made within tech, but remember trends tend to extend much longer than we think, and they are much more likely to persist than they are to reverse. This past week technology was aided by some strong earnings reactions most notably in SNAP and TWTR Thursday after the close. To be fair IBM and NFLX reversed Wednesday after early advances, and INTC imploded Friday losing 5%, its FIFTH consecutive negative reaction. Next week beginning with Tuesday after the close we see results from AAPL AMD MSFT and GOOGL and more in the days following. Next week's CLOSE will be very telling, and a lot can happen in the meantime.

21Jul 2021

Technology Sector Review: 7/22/21

Wednesday|0 Comments

"Soft"ware Acting Firm: Frequently when writing a tech note I like to compare two of the more important spaces within, in software and the semiconductors. Both are acting well and deserve your capital. I give a slight nod to software at the moment even though the SMH is more than tripling its return this week so far up almost 3%. A reason for that is the tight nature in which the IGV is trading, a hallmark bullish trait, as opposed to wide, sloppy trade that the SMH is exhibiting. A bonus within the space is the elevated pace of M&A, as FIVN is being acquired by ZM. Other deals in recent months have been CLDR and NUAN, and of course, WORK being swallowed by CRM last December. LYFT is acting well after a nice push off the very round 50 number and 200 day SMA support. Surely there are laggards as names like YY off 60% from most recent 52 week highs, and what about the name no one could stop talking about earlier this year in FSLY now off 62% from its yearly peak. Action like that speaks volumes within a strong space. Make sure you are listening.