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Dreaded Doji Candle

Sunday|0 Comments

Dangerous Doji: As the market feels heavy currently, I thought I may share in retrospect how I look for potential topping formations in stocks. There is a variety of ways to do it, and sure it is easy to Monday morning quarterback. But this in the future could help to look for certain candlesticks that should put one on alert to at the very least trim positions, if not sell completely. I share 6 examples here of the doji candle and circled each one so everyone could visualize what it looks like. These candles are often adept at signaling possible changes in the prevailing direction. All of them were preceded by uptrends, so they were a clue to minimize holdings and wait one a better future entry. These work in both up and downtrends (NVDA is a possible example as Friday recorded a doji candle after a 100 handle decline. These are very rare and indicate uncertainty and have the same opening and CLOSING PRICES. Let's take a look at several illustrations.

THE WEEK AHEAD: Starting 9/25/23

Saturday|0 Comments

"It's the basics that make you brilliant." - Darren Cahill Rates Matter: The S&P 500 broke below the 8/18 lows last week and the rough 4350 level, which everyone ad nauseam has been talking about as the bearish head and shoulders breakdown. I see it as the symmetrical triangle break, and interestingly both patterns would have a measured move to the 4150 area. The 10-year rate, which is the solid black line on the chart below, is starting to diverge in PRICE from the S&P 500 which until late August climbed in tandem basically. The 7/27 session reversed hard right at the very round 4600 number when the 10-year yield first hit the very round 4% number, and it has felt heavy ever since. Last week fell almost 3% its largest WEEKLY loss since the week ending 3/10 and notice how the widely watched benchmark has fallen 6 of the last 8 weeks, with all six CLOSING at the lows for the WEEKLY range beginning with the bearish engulfing candle the week ending 8/4. Its 50-day SMA is curling lower for the first time since last November and with rates on the ascent, this pullback could be ready to pick up some steam.

Industrial Sector Review: 9/25/23

Friday|0 Comments

Derailed: Looking at the transports is often a good tell on the genuine health of the US economy. If one was to take a look as a whole in the small field they would come away with not such a sanguine feel. CSX is one of the better actors in the group, and it still is on the cusp of "correction" mode down 9% from its most recent 52-week highs. NSC looks more sickly 23% off its own annual peak, and even more since a rejection at the very round 300 number to start 2022. It is attempting to stabilize here near the round 200 figure after a recent 6-week losing streak. CNI slumped almost 6% last week and CP CLOSED 2 of the last 3 weeks hard upon its lows for the WEEKLY range. Below is the chart of UNP, whose most recent gap-up after its latest earnings reaction was a bit misleading as revenue came in light, but the PRICE jump was most likely attributed to the announcement of the CEO stepping down. This name also has more influence upon the XLI, being its second-largest holding, and the only rail name in the top 10 components. 

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