Markets started strong Friday but ended up giving the vast majority of their gains back by the close. For the week the S&P 500 rose 1.1% and the Nasdaq by .5%. The YTD lead the Nasdaq is enjoying over the S&P 500, by a 12.8 to 11.6% margin, is dwindling and should be an interesting race to see who comes out on top. New 52 week highs steamrolled lows with the tally 194 to 10 on the NYSE and 129 to 30 on the Nasdaq. Keep in mind though there were countless intraday reversals to be concerned about. That being said the bulk of the new 52 week highs came from the retail sector and although many attribute that to the falling price at the pump, it is too soon for that to be factored into the equation. Do remember however that stocks tend to look 6 months into the future so the anticipation of a juiced up consumer is taking place. We like to try and find names that most tend to overlook and some that fit that role are MIK and BURL. MIK fresh from coming public once again is higher by 21% the last 2 weeks. No reversal for this name Friday as it went out on highs and is higher 11 of the last 14 weeks. It reported earnings Thursday and rose 1% and also jumped 9.2% on 8/27 after its only other earnings release. BURL is another name in the sector that recently went public and is higher by 63% since inception last October. It is a well managed firm as it has reacted very well to earnings the last 3 times rising 3.1, 5.3 and 15.8% on 9/9, 6/10 and 3/20. More impressive are the technicals as BURL has CLOSED on a weekly basis the last 3 weeks all within 9 pennies of each other.

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