Dig Deep:

Technology is still the second best performing major S&P sector YTD down 4.2%, and seemingly for those familiar with horse racing lingo sitting chilly, waiting for healthcare to potentially fade and take the lead. Of course all stocks are not created equal. As my friend John Roque likes to say, put your best players on the field if you are trying to win, or for a stock market analogy, stack your portfolio with leaders. Why inject laggards, when the generals have already proven themselves. If we comb even further within specific sectors, we can possibly supercharge returns if we find where the finest strength lies. Below on the chart here for 2020 so far for the overall technology arena, we see software is by far the leader (only one UP for the year), and is looking to go wire to wire perhaps, although the race is still early. For those thinking that some may have run too far, remember things often go further than we think, and the big money is often made sitting on ones hands and letting winners run.

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