Mission Accomplished?

When bad news is swatted and pushed aside, and translated as good news in PRICE action, that may be the most basic definition of a bull market. This weekend we heard of a spike in the virus cases, and the benchmarks started a bit lower, and went out near highs for the day, yet another bullish trait. It looks like the indexes are focusing on the lower death rates. Keep in mind Mondays have been very firm and this was the EIGHTH consecutive positive Monday (could say 9 to start the week as Memorial Day week saw Tuesday higher by .2%). And the Monday gains have been somewhat robust with all of the last 8 up in the 1% or more neighborhood. This Monday was able to CLOSE well above the very round 10000 number, and the longer it flies at that altitude, the less of a negative narrative one can attempt to portray. The header of this paragraph is “mission accomplished”, and of course this could be premature as I would like to see four of five straight CLOSES above 10000. Let’s look back at this statement on Friday. 

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