Small Business Prognosticator:

No matter how you slice it, small business has taken it on the chin since early 2020. The group remains the “lifeblood” of the economy, as the vast majority of jobs are created within. Of course we are all rooting for each and every one of these operations to come back as best as possible. This week we may get a solid, overall view just how the space is doing. The chart below of CTAS provides a vast range of services for many areas within such as restaurants, and many others with uniform, cleaning services, etc, all over the USA. It REPORTS earnings this Thursday, and sports a nice cup pattern, which on its WEEKLY chart looks like a bull flag or cup with handle (was pushed back at very round 300 figure to begin base in February). It is prone to big moves with a 42 of 60 week winning streak between weeks ending 12/28/18-2/14/20. Could this be the start of another one, with so many very bearish of the economies prospects?

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