Software Stalling:

The barbell approach was on full display this week once again, as the two best performing major S&P sectors were industrials energy, each up in the neighborhood of 3%. Technology via the XLK was higher fractionally by .2% (the last 3 sessions CLOSED extraordinarily tight within just 9 cents of each other). Whatever ones bias is they could present a solid case in their defense, as bulls could mention it was good digestion of the prior week advancing a powerful 3%. Bears would point to the WEEKLY doji candle that was recorded this week right at all time highs. The doji candle, very rare, is often a good indicator of a possible prevailing trend change. Below is a concern within technology, with the WEEKLY chart of the software ETF, the IGV. As the XLK idled this week, some leaders within software buckled a bit with names like SHOP declining 6% (last 6 sessions have CLOSED at or very near lows for intraday range). OKTA battles the very round 200 number with each day this week above 200, but only one CLOSE (each day finished below its 50 day SMA this week as well). It is also down 10% the last 2 weeks. ZM is now 13% off most recent 52 week highs, and has recorded 4 straight CLOSES below the 50 day SMA.

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