Forbidden Fruit:

I have to admit AAPL not only carries clout over the markets, but apparently with with spellcheck on my iphone as well. My daughter likes apples, and my confession is I misspell the word thinking it is aaple, which of course it is not. Perhaps the nascent strength in technology was just a quick blip, before returning to its familiar wayward ways of recent months. On a three month time frame it is just the sixth best major S&P sector actor of 11. Looking at a one month look back period it is the eight best performer of 11. I think you get the picture. The third time was NOT the charm for the Nasdaq Monday in breaking above the bullish ascending triangle pivot, that aligned with the very round 12000 number. Below is the indexes largest holding in AAPL, and one can see it is not holding its own “weight”, as it rests 15% from its most recent yearly peak, while the Nasdaq itself did hit an all time high intraday today. This fruit may be rotten to the core, and we shall find out rather quickly in the coming days and weeks.

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