Size Matters:

The very robust performance among small caps has been well documented recently, and deservedly so. On a broad spectrum the Russell 2000 recorded its best monthly gain ever in November, and looks like its being magnetically pulled to the very round 200 number (the index doubled the gains of the big three Tuesday adding more than 2%). In healthcare it should be no surprise small caps are thriving as well, witnessed by the chart of the PSCH below. It trades very small volume wise, but gives a good representation of what is transpiring within. The ratio chart below shows the power of the small caps in healthcare compared to their larger cap cousins too. An interesting set up is with a top ten holding in the ETF in GKOS. It is pausing near the round 70 number, just 1% off most recent 52 week highs. On its WEEKLY chart that is also the area of a potential double bottom pivot of 71.06 in a pattern 16 months long. 

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