Size Matters:

All of the big box retail names survived the pandemic well, as their smaller competition peers were shut down. Some say their business has improved on top of that coming out on the other end. COST is a good example, now just 1% off most recent all-time highs. It is looking for its second straight CLOSE above the 400 figure. Peer BJ rose roughly from the 20 number last March to hitting a roadblock right at 50 in mid-January. Of course, we all know how well TGT has been acting. Below is the chart of WMT and this name has been out of the headlines for the most part, and it is actually down 2% YTD thus far. Trade has really tightened up in July and the coiling action has the feeling that a big move could be imminent. A break above the suggested double bottom with handle pivot could see this one run to all-time highs fast.

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