Sector Reinvigorated:

The energy space has its mojo back. Measured by the XLE, the fund is the best major S&P sector out of 11 on a YTD basis higher by 32.9%. Over the last one month period, it is the second strongest with the XLE up 2.7%, bested only by consumer discretionary. The group was cruising along at the top of the sector leaderboard for most of the year, but underwent a hiccup as the XLE on a 3 month lookback period is the worst sector by far having declined by 7.7%. One has to give the group credit as many most likely expected it to run out of steam and rollover, as the XLE has been dead last on a YTD basis for 3 consecutive years between 2018-2020. Truth be told the group caught its recent bid on the strength of coal and natural gas. RRC sprinted to a 33% combined gain in the 2 weeks ending between 8/27-9/3. CEIX, which traded with a 3 handle last spring traded above 28 at one point last week. But some exploration plays are really prospering too. I would stick with that subgroup, with the XOP down 12% from its recent highs, while the OIH is down more than double that 25% off its June peak and stuck now below its 200 day SMA.

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