Semiconductor Indiferrernce:

The SMH is now lower by 7% from most recent 52 week highs made just a couple of weeks ago. The ETF has lost ground every day this week (5 session losing streak), and the IGV is now 7% off its annual peak too. Some “old tech” names in the space like INTC are in bear market mode 22% off highs made in April. AMD looks attractive at these PRICES just above the very round par number, which was the scene of a WEEKLY cup base pivot of 99.33 taken out the week ending 7/30 which screamed higher by more than 15% in double average WEEKLY volume. Best in breed NVDA trades in correction mode down 10% off highs achieved on 8/30. Other generals in the space that rose Thursday on a weak tape include AMBA and ACMR. Below we take a look at a laggard in the arena with the chart of MU. It received some downgrades recently and probably well deserved with its soft PRICE action. The stock is lower by more than 4% this week, after the prior 4 weeks all CLOSED taut within just .80 of each other. There is nothing wrong with staying very small or even in cash until the semis, and all of tech for that matter, show some strength. Tomorrow marks the first day of Q4 which has been powerful from a seasonality standpoint. Let PRICE tell you what is likely to happen. It is the best teacher.

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