Consumer Indigestion?

The casual dining space has been a bit heavy as of late. The traditional leader in the pizza space in DPZ is now 13% off its most recent 52-week highs and is trying to stabilize after a gap fill on 10/11 from the 7/21 session (if it can find some strength a double bottom pivot of 525.87 is in place). Former leaders that have fallen on tough times are SHAK and EAT are lower by 46 and 39% from their respective annual peaks. SBUX is fighting to stay above its 200 day SMA, and TXRH has dropped below its 200 day SMA. Below is the chart of CMG, considered a general in the group, and it is at a line in the sand at the very round 1800 number. The technical saying goes with RSI divergence that it doesn’t matter until it is reflected in PRICE. A move below 1800 would confirm that phrase. The stock is in the UNCH return for the week heading into Thursday, and if it CLOSES in this area would be a third straight very taut WEEKLY CLOSE. Could see a meaningful drop if the 1800 level is violated.

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