Pure Speculation:

The leisure names within the consumer discretionary space are acting in a mixed fashion. YETI for one looks interesting as it still trades more than 40% off most recent 52 week highs, but if it can climb above its 50 day SMA through the 63 area it could be looked at as a long. Some fitness plays are coming to life, pun intended and PLNT looks to be building the right side of a potential double bottom base. It was stopped cold at the very round par number last November. Some names may never come back and included in that theme is NLS which is now 77% off its yearly peak, and its descent started well before the market jitters of late back after an ugly week ending 2/26/21 that fell almost 37% (it was unable to CLOSE above the round 30 number for 3 straight weeks back then before the steady downturn materialized). Below is the chart of PTON, and this should be treated as pure SPECULATION as it has been the subject of a takeover and we never invest primarily for that reason, but some decent technicals are showing here. Admire how its propensity of CLOSING above its 50 day SMA here, something it was unable to do back in February. Remain constructive above that moving average.

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