Discretionary Blues:

The assault on the mega caps within the consumer space is ongoing. TSLA is now more than 60% off most recent 52-week highs and Thursday was actually an UNCH session (still down 12% this week headed into Friday). AMZN is now nearly 50% off its own annual peak without the courtesy of a 2:1 split (a stab at humor). These two behemoths have been weighing down the XLY which is still just the tenth best of 11 major S&P sectors YTD with a couple of weeks to go. Is their softness finally going to pull down the XRT with it? The PRICE charts below show how the XRT is still overall behaving better but as of Thursday’s CLOSE is below both its 50 and 200-day SMAs. The XRT is off by 2.9% this week so far and for those looking for consistency, the ETF has not recorded a 3-week winning streak since July of 2021. Looking at the WEEKLY chart of the XLY it sports a bear flag and a below 131-132 would carry a measured move lower to 85. Of course, that will take many months, if it does happen. The consumer and the discretionary sector feel trapped.

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