Bubbling Behavior?

As the giants of the consumer space continue to waffle, some things that may be of concern include the action in the low PRICED, frothy stocks within. When one sees aggressive buying in these inferior, forgotten names some interpret that as a sector perhaps getting ahead of itself. Of course, when one looks at percentage gains it may muddy the theme somewhat from stocks that have penetrated well into the single-digit territory. For example, the chart of RENT has gained almost 300% in the last couple of months after almost going below $1 in late November. SFIX during the last 2 1/2 weeks has advanced by a combined 30%. FLWS has gained more than 60% over the last 3-month period. To be fair some names have remained depressed like BIRD, TUP, or CURV. Below is the chart of Under Armour once spoken of in the same breath as NKE or ADDYY, and it to has nearly doubled. Is it just a case of a nascent rising tide lifting all boats, or will this be looked at as a canary in the coal mine if this consumer group is to return to its old fragile ways in 2023?

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