Security Issues:

Stirring fear is often a good way to get one’s attention. It can produce more “clicks” for business. I recall when the HACK ETF was first introduced it was hailed as a way to beef up national security with all the things that could go wrong in the world. There was a headline just today that China hackers attacked US infrastructure. But for all the hoopla that HACK ETF never lived up to its billing and it has for the most part been a laggard. This brings up the conundrum of whether to buy something that is already showing strength, like the IGV, as opposed to something which has been lagging. Technical analysis 101. Buy strength, sell weakness. On a YTD basis, HACK is up “just” 8% compared to the IGV which has advanced more than 20%. But the chart below shows a possible bottoming pattern with a bullish ascending triangle in place. A move above 48 could put this one-year-long range trading roughly between the round 40-50 numbers behind it and start the potential right side of a WEEKLY cup base, not to fearmonger anyone.

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