Where are The Large Caps?

The coal names have witnessed a nice resurgence since the end of 2020 when the KOL ETF was shut down. Barrons wrote, “The only coal-focused exchange-traded fund is closing at 12 years old, another sign of investors’ desire to withdraw from the industry.” Well, with the performance since I bet there is some regret among those market participants. Almost to a cue when the fund stopped trading, the group started ascending and individual names acted well. This year alone one can see many names have produced strong returns with some nearly doubling in PRICE. But looking at the names below, could these stocks still have room to run? I would say yes for long-term investors for the simple reason that market cap has plenty of runway with only small and mid-cap players in the space. I would stick with leaders like HCC AMR ARCH and CEIX, and shun names like BTU which many seem to love for its “value” but notice from the return link above it is actually the worst actor and down 20% over the last year period, easily the weakest showing.

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