A League of Its Own:  

Some names are simply outliers. They are just different and all others would be happy to be mentioned in the same sentence. The daily chart below of NVDA is a classic example. It has sprinted above the competition and will likely not look back. It is looking at a possible 3-week losing streak, but notice on its WEEKLY chart, each time it has recorded a 3-week losing streak the very next week has advanced since late 2022 (keep in mind there were only two examples, both in the second half of 2023 in quick succession). Take note of the seasonality strength in May, the second-best month of the year the last 5 years up almost 17% and CLOSING the month higher than it started. As it has receded volume on the WEEKLY chart has been tame, especially compared to trade during the 11-week win streak that transpired immediately beforehand. Looking at how far it is to its most recent 52-week highs one has to respect that NVDA is “just” 11% from its annual peak while peers SMCI and AMD are 26 and 27% from their respective peaks.

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