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Earnings season is going to kick off in a big way this week and it is always a good time to keep your powder dry, as markets tend to gyrate plenty. Some big tech names that will be REPORTING include SPOT before the open Tuesday. It has gained ground 4 of the last 5 times after numbers, but remember it is a very bad strategy to buy blindly into the print. It did fill in a gap Monday from the 4/2 session and found some support, although it could be temporary, and notice how the weakness began following the bearish evening star pattern completed on 4/9 (with a doji candle on 4/8). META will REPORT Wednesday after the CLOSE and it has done little since breaking above a bull flag pivot of 480, not the most bearish stance although investors are surely waiting until they hear the number. Thursday brings MSFT, the largest company on Earth, and it is holding the very round 400 number, and I could see a move toward 420 which could compete a bearish head and shoulders pattern. Below is the chart of GOOGL and it will deliver Thursday after the CLOSE too. An argument could be made that it is acting better than all that have been mentioned trading well above its 50 and 200-day SMAs, something the others can not state. Does that mean it has further to fall? We shall know by the end of the week and these should all be trading nowhere near where they currently are. Do not be a hero in front of it. 

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