The Nasdaq led the way Wednesday rising .4% and now within very close striking range of the round 4500 figure. Of course most are focused on the very round 2000 with the S&P 500. Earnings were mixed Wednesday with names like BEAV down by 3%. That stock is nearing the round 90 figure which was resistance back in early April. Remember the round numbers are battlegrounds and this name was unable to CLOSE above the round par figure in early May despite a few occasions trading above it intraday. BEAV experienced a solid pop on 5/5 of 9.3% as rumors of a possible sale emerged. As technicians price is paramount, but with potential merger activity where there is smoke their is usually fire. Please do NOT base any long trade on that speculation, and respect the tape. WHR shook around shareholders as if they were in one of their washing machine products with an intraday range of 10 handles. The stock rose 1.4% after all was spun and done, pun intended. BA lost 2.3% and astute investors would have taken note of the stocks continued troubles living beneath the 200 day SMA, often a red flag. EXP was one of the more impressive winners today after reporting. The stock rose 5.5% finding support at the round 90 handle, 50 day SMA support, and after testing a prior 89.32 double bottom with handle pivot point on Monday that was originally taken out on 6/6.

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