Seasonality Tailwinds:

On the seasonality chart below one can see the difficulty the XRT has endured over the last 4-5 years. Six months of any given year in that time frame, obviously half, have finished the month lower than where it began. As we entered May on Friday, one can see that 3 of the last 4 years have concluded the month lower than where it started, but if one wants to take a tactical view for the June-July timeframe, things look a bit rosier. They are easily the 2 best months of the year, and if one can focus on the leaders in the XRT, they should be able to provide some alpha. Compared to the XLY which has a large concentration in AMZN, the XRT struggles. In fact peering at the seasonality chart of the XLY, the months of April, July and November have perfect scores of CLOSING the month higher than where it started. Do not let that discourage you from finding winners among the XRT names, with stocks like SFM ETSY and EBAY. Trade each individual names on their own merit.

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