International “Rock” Star, Pun Intended?

The miners have been acting well of late as BHP is battling with the very round 50 number, and if it can win that battle a cup with handle pivot of 52.96 can be bought. Problem there is the stock is now 15% off its most recent 52 week highs. Its rival RIO is acting much better as it trades just 3% off its most recent yearly peak, and the chart below shows a potential break above the 58 could be a very firm one. And RIO has the better dividend yield of the two at 6.7% (BHP is not too shabby at 5.7% either). The chart here is the WEEKLY one, and notice the beautiful 17 of 18 week winning streak between weeks ending 12/14/18- 4/12/19. Could it be readying itself for a similar move? The last 3 weeks have CLOSED in the lower half of the WEEKLY range, but it is not shying away the the lofty altitude in the 58ish area, like the prior 3 times did. On the daily chart it has the look of a bull flag, or a cup with high handle that began in late January. I think this one looks good on multiple time frames, but of course the ultimate arbiter, PRICE, must confirm new highs to have strong conviction.

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