Unsightly Mosaic:

The definition of mosaic, is a pattern of certain stones, tiles, etc. Below is the chart of MOS, and its current markings look a bit disfigured. It still trades 21% off most recent 52 week highs, and that is after a quick double from the very round 10-20 figures. Last Friday it recorded a bearish shooting star in tremendous volume, that touched the 20 number precisely before reversing (trade was skewed somewhat with the quad witching). The chart demonstrates the issues with lagging stocks, as it has been in a downtrend for years now. It is better to focus on names trading at or near 52 week or all time highs. An investor who repeatedly attempts to catch bottoms in weak performers, or not exhibit and type of a disciplined, tradable plan will fail almost surely. The concept is akin to the song quote, on a mental trading standpoint, “you will always be in jail, just minus the bars”. Until one discovers a strategy that works for them as sticks to it, there is a chance for success. 

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