Consumer Thrill:

The discretionary sector in sandwiched between two technology groups, up a very healthy 25% YTD. Finishing second best should be no disappointment, and in fact should be celebrated. The breathtaking 300 handle move in AMZN in just the last two sessions alone has really given the XLY a super charged boost. We are all aware of the ongoing strength in some larger cap plays like NKE and TGT, but there are some names that were considered in the lower rung of the barbell approach, that have declared themselves true leaders. They include GPS, although it may have some issues with the very round 20 number. BBBY has seems to be getting comfortable above that same figure. GOOS has added nearly 50% alone during a 7 week winning streak, but in my opinion the 3 aforementioned names still need some proving to do. Other real generals are CROX which is trading between the round 40-50 numbers for the last one month. EBAY PENN and DKNG deserve to be in the conversation, even with the last 2 encountering some most likely temporary troubles the last week or so. The chart that summarizes the entire group below in the XLY is thriving. 

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