New Top Ten Holding:

Within the automobile space there has been some robust movement. Many assess the vigor to EV, but again our focus in purely on PRICE action, and let others determine the why. Of course no conversation can be complete without mentioning TSLA, which Monday blew through the very round 500 number, that negated a double top with the 8/31-9/1 sessions (the week ending 11/13 found support several times at the round 400 figure). Chinese play NIO has advanced more than 1000% YTD. HMC and TM are bull flagging as Japan comes back in vogue. Even F has the feel of a magnetic pull toward the very round 10 number, as it has not recorded back to back WEEKLY losses in more than 4 months. Below however is our focus on another name in GM, and how it is perhaps putting a stubborn round number resistance level in the rear view mirror, pun intended. With just 4 sessions left this month, if it can CLOSE above the 40 figure, it puts behind it a number that was steadfast in its hindrance. It is as of this weekend a new top 10 component in the XLY, at just above 2%, a respectable milestone for the automaker.

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