Family Rivalry:

The CEOs of two of the most respected names in the semiconductor space, are related. That must make for some interesting discussion around the dinner table at holiday time, and if one was to occur over Presidents Day weekend, Jen-Hsun Huang would have the upper hand over Lisa Su. Truth be told there are better best in breed plays within the semis like MU, AMBA, CREE or an MTSI, but these two we are comparing today are looked upon as bellwethers in the group. NVDA is currently grappling with the very round 600 number, and fell 2% Friday, but for the week is higher by just more than 10%. While NVDA trades just 2% off most recent all time highs, AMD is 6% off its own most recent annual peak. It is now just above the pivot in our 2/11 Technology Note, and is honing in on an add buy point above a double bottom pivot 96.05. Remember when looking at a ratio chart, it indicates which name is acting better than the other presently. It does NOT mean one should choose one or the other, as both can be behaving well and deserving of your capital. That seems to be the situation here.

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