Home Is Where The Heart Is:

As the lockdown was in full effect for most of 2020, many market prognosticators conveyed that homeowners would be apt to spend more on their homes. It made sense as many would likely be putting in home offices, and the more time consumers spent in their residence, the more they would like to improve its look. FND captured this theme well, as its chart traded in the low 20s last March, and is now just above the very round par number (look to see if it can complete a third very tight WEEKLY CLOSE). BECN advanced by a combined 20% in the last 2 weeks. Below we take a look at the two supertankers in the space, with LOW and HD. The latter was often considered best of breed in years past, but that may be changing. Below shows the ratio chart comparing the two, and YTD LOW is higher by 9%, while HD is up by 3%. LOW’s chart looks technically better here to, as it just completed a handle on its cup base, with a pivot of 179.56. 

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