Mr. Hardee:

MSFT, with the Mister Softee acronym, is acting anything but delicate. The stock as seen by the chart below is bull flagging, and looks ready for a launch higher. Compare that with FAANG names, that have for the most part languished since last summer, Microsoft has demonstrated solid leadership. Both AAPL and FB are in correction mode off 11% from most recent 52 week highs. NFLX is 7% off its recent peak, but give it credit for some strength following the gap fill on 1/27 from the 1/19 session (GOOGL is acting very well and the last 2 weeks are higher, AFTER the week ending 2/5 vaulted higher by more than 14% in huge WEEKLY volume). MSFT is on a 4 week winning streak, and looking for a possible third very taut WEEKLY CLOSE depending on Fridays finish, and that type of action often leads to explosive moves upon breakouts. A decisive move above 246 carries a measured move to 280.

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