Unconventional Wisdom:

Often in investing sometimes thinking outside the box could lead to profitable opportunities. Some just seem to go against our own intuitive reasoning. And generally, the most lucrative trades market participants have entered feel just a terrible feeling in their gut when the purchase is first made. At the moment it is almost impossible to find any confident articles on the subject of European banks. Incessant chatter about credit default swaps and the like has been putting pressure on the group lately, although truth be told they have been feeling the heat for some time. One name in the arena dominating the conversation has been CS. Heading into Friday WEEKLY volume already is the second largest in the last 5 years and if it CLOSED here tomorrow would be a bullish engulfing candle and outside week. Getting back to the EUFN itself the chart below I think can enter long with some patience 5% from current PRICES on a gap fill from late 2020, and use a WEEKLY CLOSING stop below 12.

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