Delivery Status:

The delivery services name really never received the rally memo with the overall group’s strong run over the last 3 months. EXPD has been one of the better actors but a bearish counterattack candle on 12/13 has really put a ceiling on any type of uptrend it was trying to attempt. FWRD will be trying to hold the very round 100 number, which doubles as the rising 200-day SMA, but a quick failure after a break above a cup base pivot of 110.47 was a red flag. The two titans in the space are FDX and UPS. UPS for some time has been the better of the two, relatively speaking, as on absolute terms they have both been rather soft. Below shows the chart of Big Brown and it is making lower highs over the last one month period. On a YTD basis, it is up 3%, while FDX has advanced 9%, and over the last 3-month period UPS has gained 7%, dwarfed by the FDX jump of 20%. If one was to allocate capital between the two, FDX should fill in the upside gap near 203 from the 9/15 session.

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