Comeback Kid:

Facebook, oops I am sorry, Meta Platforms, underwent a very large drawdown, between late 2021 and late 2022 after it was mocked for going all in on the metaverse. Full disclosure I have no idea what that technology is all about but by the PRICE action, (lime line) look at how vastly it underperformed versus the Nasdaq during that timeframe. Give it credit where it is due as it has registered a strong comeback from near the very round par number with a MONTHLY bullish piercing line candle in November 2022. The cup base if one wants to call it that is V-shaped which makes it somewhat failure-prone, but making new 52-week/all-time highs is not a bearish scenario. It is now acting better than the Nasdaq, and on the WEEKLY chart, it is even more clearer and has been a force inside the XLC too. It has broken above a 3-week tight pattern as the 3 weeks ending between 12/22-1/5 all CLOSED within just 2.01 of each other. This stock feels like it has 400 in its vision, and let us reevaluate how it acts if and when it gets there. 

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