2 Oct 2023

Consumer Sector Review: 10/3/23

By |2023-10-02T16:24:44-04:00Monday|

"Teary" Eyed Shareholders? If one were to inject an I in the middle of the chart symbol below in ONON it would spell the vegetable that when sliced produces a teary event. That event that could further cut the stock is Investor Day this Wednesday. I would never make an investment based on something like that but this name has been displaying relative weakness for the last couple of weeks which suggests something is up. Perhaps bad news in a couple of days or a stock offering announcement. I have no idea, but PRICE is telling us the probability of something negative occurring is a real possibility. Is this saying something about the health of the luxury consumer? Again I would be a charlatan if I said something concrete about it, but there is a gap that I would not be surprised if it was filled from the 3/22 session just above 22. That was the day before a huge earnings-related move of 26%. The stock benefitted from the NKE move last Friday, but it could not hold, and the big distribution weeks ending 5/19 and 8/18 that dropped 18.8 and 12.4% give the chart's complexion a nasty look. Will this be a Roger Federer unforced error this week (8% owner)? 

28 Sep 2023

Technology Sector Review: 9/29/23

By |2023-09-28T16:58:19-04:00Thursday|

Software Carrying the Load: Perhaps that is about to change as the semiconductors sprang to life somewhat Thursday. Of course, one day does not make a trend but it is something to keep an eye on heading into Q4. This week with one session left the SMH is flexing its muscles higher by almost 2% as the IGV is down fractionally. Notice the SMH recorded a doji candle Wednesday after a 21-handle drop during the last couple of months (following the 7/31 peak with a doji candle too). Perhaps the semis will give the IGV some breathing room, as we have always said competition is a good thing. Give credit to the IGV for not undercutting the August lows, something the SMH did already,  so maybe the IGV needs to do that to wash out some impatient shareholders. A break below a bear flag in the top 5 holding INTU below the very round 500 number may expedite that process (ADBE is cliff-hanging at the same 500 area). CRM looks shaky at the very round 200 figure, but ORCL did record a bullish engulfing candle after its recent earnings flap. PCE Friday morning should get these names moving fast. Buckle the seat belts.

27 Sep 2023

Technology Sector Review: 9/28/23

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Semis on Edge: As technology is most likely in a position where it will be "impossible to catch" (insert famous Secretariat call as the horse hit the turn well out in front at Belmont Stakes in 1973 to win the Triple Crown) from the top 3 major S&P sectors on a YTD basis up 30%, will it back up enough into year-end to let other lagging groups make up ground? A lot of that will depend on the semiconductors inside the diverse space and below is the chart making the argument that its recent decline could accelerate. It is the WEEKLY chart of the SMH which is now 12% off its peak made in early August after a rough double top near the 160 level. Notice there was a precipitous drop from that area in late 2021 with 2 WEEKLY bearish engulfing candles and then an even star pattern completed the first week of 2022. There are some similarities with a bearish engulfing candle the week ending 8/4 and then another the week ending 9/8 that started a bearish 3 black crows formation. Notice as well that on the bottom of the chart the ADX signal line has begun to slope heavily lower and may record a bearish cross if that red line turns above the green. When did that last occur? You guessed it to start 2022 when the ETF rolled over and did not stop for almost a year.

26 Sep 2023

Materials Sector Review: 9/27/23

By |2023-09-26T16:57:40-04:00Tuesday|

Golden Slump: Gold fell 1% Tuesday as markets slumped as well. It is not acting as the buffer it once did in times past. One has to contemplate if the precious metal can not behave in this type of environment when will it? We wrote about it this weekend in our WEEK AHEAD Note and it is now pressing toward the lower end of the tight range between 1900-2000 which it has done on the MONTHLY chart since March. A pierce underneath 1900 could send this spiraling lower toward the 1600 or 1700 area that it did the last time it backed away from the very round 2000 number in 2020 and 2022. Gold miners have been a drag on the materials sector as a whole as it holds onto a fractional YTD gain going into Q4. But it has not been as much of a weight as aluminum in 2023 as AA has been abysmal. Since touching almost 100 in 2022 it has spiraled lower and just broke below a bear flag pivot which carries a measured move to 22.

25 Sep 2023

Consumer Sector Review: 9/26/23

By |2023-09-25T16:26:00-04:00Monday|

Making A Stand? The consumer sector Monday, via the XLY, put in what could be a short-term tradeable low, which would be welcome for market participants. Perhaps this low will hold and give the ETF a chance into month end to get ready for a potential big start for the traditional Q4 run. Interesting that the XRT has recorded much bigger bursts higher in October-November, than the XLY over the same time frame. The XRT has gained an average of 12%, nearly double that of the XLY. In order for the XLY to have a nice year-end run of course AMZN and TSLA must cooperate most importantly, but MCD recorded its first 4-week losing streak since February-March 2022. HD and LOW round out the top 5 and each came into this week on a 6-session losing streak and are attempting to find some traction near their 200-day SMAs. BKNG looks the best here as it trades above the very round 3000 number, a must-hold. For the XLY as a whole, the 160 level must hold on a CLOSING basis.