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Markets finished without making much headway Wednesday. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 grinded out fractional gains. The coil appears to be tightening for the S&P 500, which looks a little gun shy to thrust to 5 year highs. The could all change at any moment of course. There were a few more breakouts recorded today including cup with handle breakouts from FRC and CAM at 35.16 and 59.24 respectively. VIP had a monster breakout from a flat base pivot of 11.59. The semis had a nice day today as the SMH rose more than 1%, and is approaching a 34.06 flat base trigger that started back in early August of last year. Stocks in the group acting well, to name just a few, include ASML ARMH. Both foreign names. ASML is comfortably ahead of a 61.59 flat base trigger it took out 11/29/12, and ARMH shook off a downgrade again this morning and finished in the black on double average daily volume. The stock is well extended from any buy point. Demonstrating the importance of not front running a trigger, is BAX. The stock came within one penny of taking out a 69.01 flat base pivot, then retreated. Patience people is the name of the game, mirroring my sitting in mostly cash right now, but keeping an eagle eye on potential, quality set ups.

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