Markets gained Tuesday but the advance gave back some ground in the last hour. Volume for the second consecutive day was missing. We had a breakout in the energy space with COG taking out a 4 week tight trigger of 69.08, it eclipsed Monday intraday, but closed below. Lets see if CXW can do what COG did today. CXW took out its own flat base trigger of 39.41, but closed back below it. Perhaps Wednesday will be a better day for CXW. Some sectors looking ripe for some possible rotation to broaden the scope of the rally could be retail. This group has lagged for some time, and if it is to flourish and grow look for the creme of the crop. Stocks you should narrow your focus on, are the leaders which have demonstrated some muscle. They include M NKE WSM RL PIR to name a few. GDP figures, of which consumer spending accounts for 2/3rds, is not confirming a possible move, but that could change as quickly as a LULU sweat pant going sheer.

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