Markets continue to confound the bears, even if recently its a little cut here, a little slash there. Bears are becoming an extinct species. Perhaps with that statement I just called a top, but the trend is your friend and it is BFFs with many investors right now. The Nasdaq was the clear winner today up .6%, and the S&P 500 flat. Both benchmarks retreated in the last hour of the session. The banks have certainly seen money thrown at them, and that is some welcome rotation. The group has had a nice run, and names like GS were thwarted at the round 170 handle in a pattern resembling a triple top, but they need some time to rest. In the meantime the builders are trying to lend a helping hand. The XHB rose more than 2% on Case Schiller data reported early this morning, and took out a symmetrical triangle recently and now has its eyes set a long flat base with a trigger of 32.79 that began the week ending 5/24. Remember the longer the base, the greater the chances of success when a breakout does occur. Other lagging groups that may look to join the rally shindig are the agriculture group. The cleverly named ETF MOO is currently sporting a 54.49 cup with handle trigger. Would love to see energy invigorate this rally even further as their participation has been limited to a few select names.

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