Each week at ChartSmarter we like to bring to a little insight into what we do on a daily basis. We have been at it for more than 4 years and we love doing it. Each night we detail 7 to 10 of our favorite ideas, both long and short, for the next days session. We do NOT have a chat room, nor are we active “tweeters”. We like our business growing by word of mouth. Below is precisely how they were written in our daily reports. For those who would like to see a full copy of our Tuesday Game Plan, email me at chartsmarterblog@gmail.com.

In our Wednesday 1/28 Game Plan we looked at CLH. The round number came into play here and the more it comes accustomed to trading above the important 50 handle, the more likely it is to stay. This month the stock is now above the 50 figure for the third time since last October. It did so again last December as well. CLH rose 2% on Tuesday a good start to the week, and is higher 4 of the last 5 weeks. Volume trends are on the improve and one can stay long above 49.25. Here is how our analysis appeared in our report on 1/28.

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