Commodities received a bounce Monday along with the market as a rising tide lifts all boats. Sure the UUP falling for a fourth consecutive session did not hurt. Copper via the JJC rose 3%, steel up 4.3% with the SLX. Let us not rejoice that the economy is now prospering, but some names that we have been watching deserve your attention. Below is a look at GOLD from our Wednesday 7/22 Game Plan.

Stocks that can be bought as the round numbers are GOLD. GOLD is a play on the glittery metal and is lower by 11% YTD and 32% over the last one year period and sports a dividend yield of 1%. Earnings have not done much to move the needle with gains of 1.3 and 9.2% on 2/9 and 11/6 and losses of .3 and 1.3% on 5/7 and 8/7. The stock is on a current 5 week losing streak, but volume has been contained and it bounced off support near the round 60 number this week where it has found support on a weekly basis (one weekly CLOSE 10/31/14 which lost 10% in a big volume wash out) dating back to July ’13. Today it recorded nice spinning top candle and lets enter here.

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