The energy group has began to catch some love and perhaps many may look at that as a laggard group starting to show signs of leading as the glass half empty, but I interpret the action as healthy sector rotation and the glass half full. Of course not all names are created equal in the sector and below is a look at the French oil giant TOT and how we looked at the name in our Friday 12/23/16 Game Plan. Not only do you have a chart that is acting well, but more to like is the geography as Europe has outperformed and the sizable dividend yield. Here is how we examined the name late last year and then we take a present look later.

Stocks that can be bought above the round numbers are TOT. TOT is a French energy giant up 11% YTD and 13% over last one year period and sports a nice dividend yield of 5.4%. Earnings have been mixed with gains of .9 and 2.3% on 7/28 and 4/27 and losses of .3 and .7% on 10/28 and 2/11. The stock is looking for fifth consecutive weekly advance depending on Fridays close and is higher .5% this week thus far and the prior 4 rose a gradual 8.5%. Europe is acting better and a strengthening oil sector combo make this name attractive. Round 50 number has been tough to climb above for last 2 years. Enter with a buy stop above 50.50 in 2 year long ascending triangle pattern.

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