The retail group has been battered around and we have all heard of how AMZN in responsible ad nauseam, and it is most likely true, but I like to focus entirely on technical action. Below is a name to its credit has been acting a bit better as of late even though it currently sits 33% of most recent 52 week highs. It has advanced 9 of the last 13 weeks and this week by 2.1% thus far and is climbing the round numbers ladder. We look at TPX and how the name was profiled in our 5/15 and 7/6 Game Plans. This stock does report EARNINGS on 7/27 before the market open and as of this writing was on course to CLOSE above its 200 day SMA for the fifth consecutive session.

In our 5/15 this is how we looked at TPX. Stocks that can be bought as they take out the round numbers are TPX. TPX is a mattress play lower by 29% YTD and 18% over the last one year period. Earnings momentum is excellent with four consecutive positive earnings reactions higher by .4, 4.1, 7.3 and 16.8% on 5/4, 2/16, 10/27 and 7/28 (the last 2 were both stopped at the very round 50 number). The stock is on a current 4 week winning streak up by a combined 18% and began with a big push off the round 40 number the week ending 4/21. It is presently dealing with the round 50 number and looking back that number was great support dating back to the weeks ending 10/17/14, 10/31/14, 2/6-13/15, 1/22/16 and 10/28/16. That price point has plenty of significance and memory. The last 2 weeks and week ending 2/17/17 were halted at 50 number. Enter with buy stop and CLOSE as always above 50.25 which should at least look to fill in an upside gap from the 1/27 session.

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