Bearing Fruit:

AAPL, the worlds most valuable company at over $1.4 trillion (one of just 3 in the prestigious club, with MSFT and AMZN, with GOOGL no longer in), just ahead of Microsoft, hit an all time high Friday. One could interpret its recent move as a breakout above a cup with handle, or a bull flag with both having roughly the same pivot at the round 320 number. It has rallied well more than 100 handles from the intraday low on 3/23, the middle session of a bullish morning star pattern completed the very next day. One thing that has been interesting to witness is there has not been one single day of accumulation, a powerful rise on better than average daily volume, since late March. Depending on your bias one could try and back it up, with the bears saying the move on thin trade is likely to reverse very soon. The bulls would declare that once belief truly takes hold, in robust volume, its powerful rise is likely to accelerate. All that matters is PRICE, and that should keep any longs content, and others looking to establish a position very interested. 

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