Rhetoric Ad Nauseam:

If I hear one more time how important it is that our networks and data are not comprised, especially in these current times, I may lose it. Of course it is essential that this occur, but the more something has to be constantly reminded, the more one has to wonder the intent of the message. We care only about the PRICE action of stocks, and feel they tell the narrative a bit more openly. Below is that chart of PANW, once a general. Has it lost its rank, or is it a sign that the cyber security plays have lost their luster? “Older” peers such as CYBR FTNT and FEYE trade in the neighborhood of 30% from their most recent 52 week highs, while “newcomers” such as CRWD SAIL and ZS are in the vicinity of 20% from their fresh annual peaks. The latter trio of stocks may have just adapted better to what consumers are looking for. PANW if one is long should be kept on a very short leash following last weeks completion of a bearish three black crows pattern, confirmation after an engulfing candle the week ending 8/28 right at all time highs. 

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