Conflicting Signals:

Sometimes things are so bad they are good. That applies to the stock market as well. Perhaps I am trying to describe the agony of technology. The Nasdaq has been pounded recently and now the dilemma is whether this is the start of a powerful rebound or just a dead cat bounce? Of course, no one knows for sure. The Nasdaq almost extended its losing streak to 5 Monday, but today’s recorded a nice reversal of more than 400 handles off the intraday lows to CLOSE above its 200 day SMA. Last week the tech-heavy benchmark fell 4.5%, registering its worst WEEKLY loss in almost 10 months. This week it will try and avoid a 3-week losing streak, a feat that only happened twice in all of 2021 (one 3-week drop between weeks ending 2/19-3/5 and a 4-week losing streak between weeks ending 4/23-5/14). The rubber band was stretched the farthest on software, and Monday the IGV bounced almost precisely off the very round 350 figure. The sentiment is so low for tech at the moment the sector could be in for the biggest pop. How long that will last is to be seen. What you want to do as always is be involved with the names that acted the best during the onslaught.

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