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Markets Friday ended the week on a positive note. The Nasdaq was up almost 1%, and the S&P 500 UP .7%. YTD the S&P 500 still leads head to head against the Nasdaq by a 6.1% to 5.3% margin. These are obviously monthly figures which are not sustainable all year, but the prospects of a good January have foreshadowed nice gains for the benchmarks historically. New highs continue to smash new lows and Friday was no exception with the NYSE recording 410 new 52 week highs versus 10 new 52 week lows. The Nasdaq ratio was 271 to 13. There were a few more breakouts Friday, which are a key ingredient in the continuation of any healthy market with TXN taking out a 33.71 cup with handle trigger. Flat base pivots taken out Friday included CB 81.90, FF 12.89. Lower volume breakouts which can catch volume confirmation in the coming days are DVA 116.60, CNO 10.28, both flat base formations. Money seems to be flowing into the finance sector, chemicals, and the internet group. One of my favorites in the finance group is CBOE. Remarkably the stock was down only two days in all of January, and those days were losses of .09, .11. It remains less than .30 from an all time high. I remain bullish on these markets, with a prudent eye looking for any potential sell signals. So far, so good.

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