With the agriculture group getting some press recently with the MON and SYT dance, we figured we would take a look at a couple other names in the group that may be getting overlooked. CF is higher by 13% YTD and 31% over the last one year period and sports a dividend yield close to 2% and sits just 2% off all time highs. ADM has made it almost back to UNCH YTD and has gained 16% over the last one year period and has a dividend yield of 2.2%. Below is exactly how we looked at them in our daily Game Plans.

CF we looked at in our Monday 4/6 Game Plan. This name has consistently been a best of breed play in its sector. A bullish inverted hammer on 4/2 signaled the near term bottom at the round 280 handle. Last Thursday the stock took out its 50 day SMA in strong trade convincingly and the round 300 figure. For good measure the next session, last Friday, CF took out the 300.69 double bottom trigger that we discussed as an add on. Now on can open up a new position or add to above a 314.53 cup base pivot point. CF is now higher by almost 30 handles from the original highlighted entry.

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