Turbulence Ahead:

Last week when I looked at a former best-in-breed airline in ALK, which I was wrong about, the title was “Soft Landing”? That looks like it may not occur and take a look at the WEEKLY chart of JETS ETF below. It is currently testing the Q3 2020 lows here and still has a way to go the test the 11 level which was achieved in March and May of that year. Of course, we all know just how mightily the market has struggled, and everything will feel that weight, but for the group to not catch even a whiff of a bid as crude crumbles is a bit concerning. Since making a double top just above the round 120 number in March and June WTI is now 36% off its peak. The JETS is now 39% off its annual highs made last October, and WEEKLY volume last week was the largest in more than 6 months would have the fund feeling capitulatory, but PRICE never reversed higher. There are far better groups within the industrials if investors are looking to take a stab on the long side, like waste management plays.

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