Nasdaq Compliance:

The swing trader’s playbook revolves a lot around the 21-day EMA. It is a good momentum tool that can keep investors in positions that tends to eliminate a lot of the noise. Below one can see on the daily chart of the Nasdaq that it has found comfort at that line since the lows made last year, and with the exception of the first couple of days in 2024 it has been extremely reliable. And even then if one was stopped out they could have gotten right back in a few sessions later to ride the uptrend. This push has been very robust, with the tech-heavy benchmark now almost 2000 handles above its rising 200-day SMA, and many including myself have been waiting for a pullback that just does not seem to be coming. The classic definition of a bull market rally. This market does not seem to be bothered by higher interest rates, at least not yet. Higher crude PRICES too. At some point it will matter, but perhaps not for some time, or will it occur Wednesday with the Fed? I have taken very small short positions on the tech ETFs as a hedge against individual equities but continue to be stopped out. 

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